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Science for Women Health
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Natavi is a Dietary Supplementation Program focused on the specific needs for your Baby's Brain Development.


Planning to become pregnant? 
Natavi Prima is your starting point. 
Natavi Prima provides the recommended amounts of folic acid, iodine, and DHA, which are especially critical in the early stages of your baby’s development.  Prevention of Neural Tube Defects, such as Spina Bifida and anencephaly, takes place during the first three weeks from conception.


You are pregnant!


Natavi PNV is the core dietary supplement foe expectant mothers in the Natavi Dietary Supplementation Program. 

Natavi PNV provides the optimum balance of vitamins and minerals essential for the well-being of the mother and for the proper development of the baby’s brain, bones, collagen, and connective tissue. 


And the baby is here!!!


Natavi Lactant is the only dietary supplement specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of women who are breastfeeding. 

Natavi Lactant ensures you and your body have the necessary nutrients for your newborn baby during this crucial stage of their lives when you are the sole source of their nutrition.

Krona is working diligently on the development of several new therapies addressing key unmet needs within the Women’s Health therapeutic area.

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