Science for Women Health
Science for Women Health
Krona Therapeutics Inc. Dedham, MA 02026
Krona Therapeutics Inc.Dedham, MA 02026


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     Our Commitment to Our Patients




About Krona Therapeutics

Krona Therapeutics is a specialty pharmaceutical company committed to the development of new and affordable therapies in Women’s Health Care. We truly care and understand women's health care needs.


Our Consulting Board of Ob-Gyns, Pediatricians, Nutritionists, and Lactation Specialists assists us in the identification of key therapeutic areas with unmet needs and provides us direction as to where we should focus our development, licensing or acquisition efforts.



Our Vision: To establish Krona as a leader in Women’s Health Care.


Our Mission: To provide the Ob-Gyn medical community and their patients with affordable therapeutic options, that resolve unmet needs, by bringing added value to existing therapies, developing new products and researching new opportunities in other relevant therapeutic areas.





We pride ourselves on having created an innovative, forward-thinking company where the opportunities are defined by our entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. When we engage in the development or licensing of a new product, we think “out of the box” and we expect our collaborators and associates to think this way too.  Most of all, in all our undertakings, we seek opportunities that make a difference in our patients’ lives and exceed the expectations of medical community.


We are committed to making every one of our products a testament to innovation, every one of our programs a testament to our creativity, and every patient experience a testament to our quality.


At Krona every product is the result of a collaborative effort of our Stakeholders, our Medical Consulting Board, and our Business Partners in bringing to market the most innovative solution that will make a difference in our patients’ the lives of our patients.





Our products impact the lives of our patients and their babies and - as such - we set the highest level of corporate and ethical standards to ensure full compliance with legal requirements and pharmaceutical grade quality in all our products.


We take pride in the quality of our products, manufactured in best in class cGMP-compliant, FDA-regulated facilities in the United States.


From the active ingredients to the labels and packaging materials, all components of our products are of the highest quality and are subject to strict quality controls and analysis before and after they are incorporated into our formulas. Quality is at the center of our efforts.





At Krona, we value partnerships and collaboration. Our strategy relies on successful partnerships in development, manufacturing, and distribution.


By working together with experts and best in class partners, we can develop and deliver the best value to our customers, challenging ourselves to devise new, imaginative ways of getting the best therapeutic alternatives to our patients and making their lives better.





Leading Krona Therapeutics is an accomplished team of industry executives with extensive experience in business development, acquisitions, licensing, sales and marketing of branded and generic pharmaceutical products in the US and internationally.


Our leadership brings many years of insight and experience directly to the day-to-day business of the company. Their knowledge and expertise guide and shape our business efforts and the brands represented by Krona.



"We are building an innovative company driven by unmet needs

in women's healthcare and supported by our Christian values. 

It is our commitment to the medical community 

and  most importantly  to our patients."

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